SEO Keywords Selection

Why Keyword Selection is Important for Small Businesses in Website Optimization

If you own a small business, it is good to have a website in order to be able to compete with other businesses in the right manner. With a website it is possible to reach a lot of customers in your local area and also those outside your locality. However, it is good to note that having a website is not all what you need. You have to ensure that your website is highly optimized to ensure that it ranks high on the major search engines. The success you attain in search engine optimization is highly determined by the keywords that you use. The keywords that you select can make or break your small business marketing campaign. Here are some of the benefits why small businesses must realize that they need to nail down their keyword selection for their website optimization.


In order to ensure that your small business uses the keywords used by users, you must take into consideration several keywords under similar topic that could be used when doing the search. It is important to come up with about fifty keywords, then choose the ones that have great impact for your small business. When doing the keyword selection, you have to take into consideration the kind of response that is generated by specific keywords. In addition, you should also consider the users who would respond a lot to those keywords. When you choose keywords with expressed intent of targeting a certain audience, your small business creates higher chances of users of your website being actual buyers other than those who visit the website just as window shopping.

Selecting keywords that are very close in importance to your website content, you end up streamlining traffic that brings a lot of profits to your business. Popular keywords are the ones that your visitors type into search engines when searching for your business. These keywords and the subsequent sites get a lot of visitors leading to higher ranking in the major search engines. While relevance, popularity and relevance are crucial, it must be balanced with the high demand for a certain keyword. It is obvious that most small businesses competing for similar keyword would create difficulties in getting that keyword to use in a business. Thus, before selecting keywords, it is important that checks be made in order to ensure that while keywords are relevant, popular and targeted, they are also not the ones that are being competed by many others small businesses. Such keywords will make it hard for you to acquire and rank high in search engines.

Keyword selection is key in every SEO campaign. It is only in studying market behaviour in relation with your selected keywords that the benefits can be seen. Regardless as to whether you are developing a new website for your small business or looking for ways to boost the ranking of your existing site, you must have a well developed keyword selection strategy. This may seem obvious at the beginning, but the process of making the identification of the keyword search terms can be quite challenging. Keyword relevancy is vital because it is the one that will make visitors be able to locate your business fast. You need to be able to describe your small business in one to three keywords. When optimizing your small business home page, you must start with the most relevant keywords.

The right keyword strategy would yield search terms with high keyword search volume, high relevance, low keyword competition and high product profitability. Another great strategy is to ensure that you use local seo strategies. This is where you use keywords showing your business locality because customers will type the location of the business when doing their search in the search engines. You should also ensure that you put the niche of your business, for example, if it is a salon make sure you mention because this is what clients looking for salons will type when doing the search. You should also consider differentiating your small business by producing more content. If you produce more relevant content, search engines will pick more terms, which will go a long way in generating high qualified traffic to your site and more revenue for your small business.

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High Ranking PR Backlinks in Google

The Importance of High Ranking PR Back Links in Google

It is a common understanding that high ranking PR backlinks can make your website pages to rank high in Google algorithms. However, many people still doesn’t understand why there is a need to use of high PR backlinks; of course, the common factor is that the links will give your webpages the same reputation they have in Google. When you associate your pages with authoritative niche sites, Google algorithms will consider your webpages with the same esteems. Your website page rank will go up in the same manner as the PR backlinks sites; there will be a high rate of traffic coming to your site as informed by high PR backlinking.

Important notes of high PR backlinking in your website:

1) PR is Google Phenomenal:
You may wonder why many websites get their page-ranks from Google; it’s a major and popular search engine with more than 90% of organic traffic emanating from it. You probably could be getting about 95% of your website organic traffic from Google, then the rest from other search engines. Google uses its own ranking system to page rank many websites and blogs across the world, if your website uses the backlinks that emanates from websites that are also ranked by Google, then the same effect will be experienced in your website. Hence, the same level of PR is affected on your site.
2) More Popularity Online:
If you correctly take advantage of high PR backlinking in your website, your website pages will soar in ranking in real time. By the time that happens, many other websites and related platforms in your niche will try to link with your site. That will even make your page-rank to go higher and popular; your site will experience an upsurge of people who want to link with you. At that point your site or website becomes more popular online. Your sales will most likely soar up, or if your website is an authority niche, it will have a higher chance of monetization than never before.
3) Webmasters Knows Google PageRank:
Since the inception of Search Engine Optimization some years back, all webmasters have known the concept of Google as a search engine and a major Page-ranker all over the world. So many SEO experts today are aware of and regard Google Page Rank as the most preferred method of PR. So your website will have an advantage of using one of the most recognized page-ranking tools, many experts will find it easier to rate your PR using Google algorithms. That is one of the importance of high PR backlinking in Google’s algorithm.
4) Your Website is acknowledged by Google:
Just as already discussed above, when you link your website to highly PR websites, since Google recognizes such sites and have high esteem to them. The same effect will be accorded to your website by Google in every aspect of the word, it will be understood that your site is also as important no wonder it’s linking to the high PR sites. Google immediately notices high PR backlinks and gives high value to such that means that not all links are seen in the same light by Google and even other search engines.
5) Your Website Becomes Important to Other Search Engines:
If you are using high PR backlinking in your website, it will not only become important in the eyes of Google as a major search engine. But remember that other search engines like, Bing, Microsoft and others also have their PR criterion. Since Google uses more than 200 page-ranking parameters, its covers all aspects of pagerank requirements. That means that other search engines will also rank your website highly, hence, your site stand a better chance of having more traffic and advantages of such targeted flow.

Your website will mostly rank hire when you are using high PR backlinks from other websites; you stand a chance of earning high online reputation by practicing that.

How To Use Social Media Marketing To Boost Your Website Traffic

Social Media Marketing To Boost Your Website Traffic

Building a website is one thing while the marketing of the website is a totally different thing. Your website will never be of any importance to you if no one ever sees it. The marketing of a website is a factor in boosting your online business on your website. Very many online businesses tend to rely on their websites as their marketing channel. What they do not realize is that social media can play a very crucial role in the marketing of a website. If you really are interested in maintaining an increasing traffic curve for your website, start with the 5 steps given below. Learn how to use social media marketing to boost your website traffic.

#1. Include your website’s URL on all your social networks- Ensure that each and every profile of all your social networks has a link that points to your website. Do not forget that you can also put your website link in the place provided. It is also important that your branding remains consistent. If you are not a graphic designer you could buy a social media graphics package that will have your corporate logos incorporated into your facebook graphics, twitter and linkedin graphics. If you happen not to have a profile on many social networks, open new accounts and remember to add the link to your website. A link on your social network is good for SEO as well as increasing traffic.

#2. Be on constant social media engagement– Once you have accomplished the first step and all you social networks have your website link, start being as active as possible on your social networks. Share you contents on your profile as well as your timeline. By being proactive, you are guaranteed of being able to reach out to both your regular customers as well as potential customers. If you don’t have time to do this you can outsource this task.

#3. Make use of social sharing tools on your website- When visitors to your website, read something interesting, they most likely will want to share it with others. You should therefore be able to properly utilize the social sharing tools such as flare. You should configure social media buttons on your website to make it extremely easy for the customers to share content from your website with others. Always make sure that you also use images with some of your posts to avoid plain content.

#4. Start a company blog and post regularly- The most common problem that can prevent increasing traffic for your website is the lack of new content. Regular updates can be very appealing especially for frequent visitors to your website. When you are active on your blog, you make sure that you always have something to say on social media. Evergreen content is an indication of success since fresh content is directly linked to your website traffic. The content that you write in your posts should be better than average content. It should be exquisite.

#5. Utilize social media advertising- There has been a large increase in the number of social media pages as well as users hence a larger audience for your content. Utilize this fact and get your content in front of your followers. For instance, Facebook advertising can be very effective. It greatly assists in targeting the right audience and receiving better results. You can also make use of promoted tweets and creating ads on Linkedln that link to a lead generating a form on your website.


Beginners Guide to Article Marketing

A Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Article Marketing

If you are new to article marketing, you may be wondering how you can do it to ensure that you succeed in this area. You do not have to worry because it is not as hard as you may think to succeed. Article marketing is a strategy that will promote your site visibility, leading to more traffic that will make it attain high ranking on major search engines. This article offers you a beginners guide to article marketing.

Include useful/relevant content on your articles

The first tip that will make your article attract a lot of readers is to ensure that you only include relevant content that will help readers solve some problems that they may have. In addition, the content should enlighten your readers on something that they did not know before. It is good to note that readers will look for only those articles that are helpful. Make sure that your article titles are attractive and inform the readers what to expect from the content provided.

All your articles should be written correctly, because no reader will be interested to read articles that are poorly written with a lot of mistakes. Write your articles in a great style that is entertaining to your readers. Carry out thorough search to understand the problems that your readers face, so that you can provide them solutions they are looking for. This will raise the interest of the readers, leading to high traffic on your website.


Use the right keyword phrases

Another marketing tip that will make your article more visible to the readers is using the right keyword phrases. This is important because internet users type certain keywords into their browsers when searching for information. Thus, you have to ensure your articles are structured around the correct keywords. When you do this, the websites that your articles are published will appear among the first hits when users are searching for information.


Once you have created content and published it on your website, you can also boost their visibility by publishing them on other popular websites too. This technique involves posting the right content with the URL of your domain on other authoritative websites with the sole purpose of attracting more traffic to your website. You post them on social media sites, forums and blogs with each of the posts directing readers back to your website. You can of course outsource your backlinking by using these affordable SEO services

Bottom line

Article marketing is the right tool of website promotion, so it is good to use the right strategies. Regardless as to whether you write and publish them yourself or work with professionals, great marketing techniques will boost their visibility within a very short time.