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Venetian Snares, formerly known as Aaron Funk, was born on 11 Jan 1975 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is well known for making electronic music in odd numbered time signatures.

He’s in love and electronic music and used to be released up to eight recordings a year! Normally, he will release at least one to two new recordings and very active in the electronic music arena.

He is a genius in electronic music, and always shows off his talent, by mixing the electronic with classical music. The combination is absolutely brilliant and breathtaking, especially for those music lovers want to have something “Different” …

If you think the 170BPM drum and bass rhythm is already your limit, then you should beware of Venetian Snares! Why? It is because his electronic music is more than you can handle here… Well, 200BPM drum and bass can easily drive you crazy instantly!

For those of the electronic fans, here’s the bonus that you cannot miss here…


Priscilla Ahn was born on March 9, 1984 is an American Folk and Acoustic singer-songwriter. Ahn's full name is "Priscilla Natalie Hartranft". She is the daugther of Kay (née Ahn) and Harry Hartranft, a couple that live at Fort Stewart, Georgia. Since Ahn's mother is a Korean, Ahn had spent her childhood living in the USA and South Korea.

During teenage years, Ahn moved to Berks County, Pennsylvania for several years and attended Tulpehocken Area High School. She moved to Los Angeles, California after high school's graduation. Ahn decided to adopt her Korean mother's maiden name and pursuit a career in music industry.

In June 2008, Ahn was nominated and finally selected as "Artist of the Week" in Paste magazine and appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in May 2011. Ahn has toured with the following singers, including:

#Joshua Radin,
#Amos Lee,
#Willie Nelson and
#Ray Lamontagne

Beside that, she also contributed vocals to the albums Supply and Demand, Mission Bell and Kaleidoscope.

Ahn's songs have appeared on the television shows, such as:

*Grey's Anatomy,
*Knight Rider,
*Make It Or Break It,
*Married Single Other,
*Ghost Whisperer

For the films:

~Bride Wars,
~Love Happens,
~My Sister's Keeper,
~Free Willy: Escape from Pirate's Cove.

The following song, "Dream" is one of my favorite songs. Hope you all will enjoy the song...


All Time Top 10 Halloween Music Videos

October 30th 2012 10:53
It’s time for preparing your scariest costume now… Why? Ah, don’t be silly! We all know that the most awesomeness festival is coming back in less than 2 more days…

Oh yeah, what else than the freaky… HALL-O-WEEN!!!

People love to play some bizarre yet funky songs, during the Halloween’s night. Come on, a Halloween’s party without music = Dull and boring…!

Well, if you’re a party animal that love to jam with some old time songs, then don’t be hesitated to check out here.

Before you leave from the “Den of Horror”, I have something “Wacky” for you as a Halloween’s gift. Take and leave it lol


Roisin Murphy, who was born in Ireland, has had already involved with Electronic music since childhood. She’s gifted with natural talent in Electronic music and was once a member of a very famous band, MOLOKO.

When MOLOKO released their first band’s track, “Do You like My Tight Sweater”, Roisin Murphy’s unique voice have started to amaze their fans.

MOLOKO remains as an important Trip-hop’s member, where she’d shown her music talent in the later tracks, including “I Am Not a Doctor (1998)”, “Things to Make and Do (2000)” and “Statues (2003)”.

After her left Trip-hop, Roisin started to cooperate with Matthew Herbert and released her very own first compilation, “Ruby Blue”.

Many electronic fans said, that Roisin Murphy is totally the “Tori Amos”, but in Dance Music’s version.

Here’s the complete list for her “Ruby Blue” compilation:

01. Leaving the City
02. Sinking Feeling
03. Night of the Dancing Flame
04. Through Time
05. Sow into You
06. Dear Diary
07. If We're in Love
08. Ramalama (Bang Bang)
09. Ruby Blue
10. Off on It
11. Prelude to Love in the Makng
12. The Closing of the Doors

Amongst the twelve songs, I have a crash on this “We’re In Love”. Let’s me share this song with you all, and hope you will love it as well.

Freddie Dewayne Hubbard, which is also well known as “Freddie Hubbard” was born April 7, 1938 in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A. Hubbard’s unmistakable and influential trumpet tone was considered as one of the best American Jazz Trumpeters, besides of vigorous Clifford Brown and unrestrained Lee Morgan.

Hubbard’s journey to stardom is began, when he moved to New York in 1958 and playing with some of the best jazz players of the era, including Eric Dolphy, Phillip Joe Jones, Quincy Jones.

Two years later, in June 1960, Hubbard decided to make his first record, “Open Sesame” together with saxophonist Tina Brooks, pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Sam Jones and drummer Clifford Jarvis.

Hubbard most refulgent moment was in 1961, when he joined Art Blakey’s “The Jazz Messengers” and collaborates with one of the greatest saxophonists in that era, Wayne Shorter.

One of the songs, “A Weaver of Dream” is absolutely smooth and relaxing. This song is best to play, especially before you go to bed…

Due to Hubbard’s exceptional talent in Trumpet, he was best described as “The Most brilliant trumpeter of a generation” He’s totally well deserved to be called as “The Grandmaster of American Jazz Trumpeter, after he accepted the NEA Jazz Masters Award in 2006.

Unlike other folklore’s bands, this Polish alternative folklore’s band is a little bit “different”. Why I said like this? Well, you’ll know the answer, if you keep on reading…

Czeslaw Spiewa, a quartet alternative folklore band from Poland. Their first album, “Debuit” is a mix of alternative and experimental folklore (Definitely a very “different” style for sure

[ Click here to read more ]

When I approached this band for the first time, a question mark flashed through my mind instantly…

I was wondered, “Hmm…, what’s the specialty of this band?” However, thanks to Miguel, a friend of me from Barcelona, informed me that the Venue Connection is a very unique band. Not like other band, it simply mix with many genre of music, such as Electronic, Lo-Fi, jazz, Lounge, Funk, Pop and many more

[ Click here to read more ]

Scandinavia, the homeland of the Northern Europe countries, is always produced many new talents, especially in the Euro-pop and dance industry!
Jenny Marielle Petersson, who is best known as “Velvet” is definitely the top-notch dance queen in Sweden.

[ Click here to read more ]

Music world is always full with many surprises. I didn’t know that there are many different genre of music, including the very least yet infamous Flamenco music, could be turned into a popular music as well!

Nuria Fergo, a gorgeous Spanish singer from Nerja, Malaga, Spain, who is already gained her famous in the music industry with the sizzling hot Flamenco music

[ Click here to read more ]

There are many jazz group in this world, but not all of them have own unique style.

Let’s take an example. Lyn Leon is best known as the leading jazz band in Switzerland, as it’s truly a band, which is based on jazz, acid jazz and future jazz music types

[ Click here to read more ]

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